Welcome to GuideThisWay!

A small tour about my life as a blind college student, my life, and the many adventures and segments that make me, well…. me. Along with support and help of amazing content creators that I get to call my friends, a fluffy golden retriever who would like nothing more than to get cuddles, and my wild ideas for insane projects, I truly hope you decide to stick around for the ride. And please, no flash photography!

Full of sass, anxiety, sarcasm, confidence, and enough introvertedness, expect everything from discussions on dog pooping habits to accessibility in technology, higher education, or the innermost thoughts of a person who claims to contain multitudes. We truly hope you stick around for the ride.

Special Thanks must go to….

A special thanks has to go to my close friends and family who have supported me through my journey as a blind young adult. From acquiring my first guide dog, moving across the state, (and back again), acknowledging my anxiety and learning how to deal with it, and so much more. Thanks go to: Brandon, Daphne, and Meka, who have checked on me everyday and made sure I was still grounded. To Simon and Mia, for being loving human beings who extended their kindness when I felt at my lowest, to Tigress, a friend from down under and who I really wished would come live in the U.S. Finally, thank you to my very own Southpaw, for never giving up hope in me and for always making me laugh when I felt like my world was constantly ending. And before I forget, thank you to Simon, Doug, Jimmy, and Nathan, who have been on this crazy ride of setting up this site and teaching my non-web smart self that hard work really pays off.