Howdy guys! Thank you so much to the patrons who have decided to join me on this next level of GTW! Although we’re very laid-back and lowkey, I do want to address some important things.

I have reached out to Patreon following an agreement they reached with the American Council of the Blind to speak about the accessibility of their site and mobile app. Unfortunately, a huge part of their website is inaccessible, which means that content is harder to navigate/post. While I’ve gotten very canned replies, “Don’t worry, the site is difficult for everyone, not just you,” etc etc, I strongly encourage you guys to reach out to Patreon to make sure that the voices of disabled patrons and creators are heard. I’ve offered my help, to no avail, but I, as well as other disabled creators, deserve to independently create content as our able-bodied peers. Please keep pressing the issue. Until then, I will try my best to be here and present.

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