Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time for frequently asked questions, the part of the website where I answer the most asked questions about myself and my doggo. I’d love to be upfront about these topics so we can move forward with more in depth discourse so here we go!

Q: What is your medical condition?
;: I was born with Congenital Glaucoma, a condition that was supposably inherited through genetics, but no one in my family really knows why. I was visually impaired until 2017, when I went completely blind for reasons that could not be avoided.
Q: What breed is Dodson? And where did you train with him?
Dodson is a golden retriever who was puppy raised in Austin Texas. I trained with him on Guide Dogs for the Blind’s California campus in June
Q: Coffee or tea?
Coffee! Always! My favorite Starbucks order is a venti iced red eye with 3 shots of espresso and cream and sugar. I will, however, also indulge in a nice hot mint or herbal tea once in a while.
Q: If you could choose to have your sight back, would you?
A: Absolutely not. Some may think living with all your senses is the only way to live, but I’m quite happy having no sight. It led me to some great adventures that I will write about at some point.
Q: Can I pray for your eyes to be healed?
A: While this is a thoughtful and heartfelt request, this insinuates that I’m not perfect if my eyes don’t work. I promise that whatever higher power you believe in created me exactly the way they wanted to, and by no means do 100 percent functionality of the senses determine the worth of a person.