Well hi there! I know, I’m back so soon! As convention draws to a close tonight, I

wanted to drop by and give you guys a little surprise… ready?
After much frustration on my part, inaccessibility issues left and right, and our producer’s insistence, Guidethisway has a Patreon now! If you become one of the pack, you get access to more of my writing, live AMAs, my cringe reading out loud recordings, blooper reels for the podcast, and much more! For the exclusive first Patrons, your name will be displayed on the GTW website!
I know, anticlimactic, right? As most of you may have noticed by now, I’m a very laid-back content creator—I am no way near as content heavy as the big names out there. But my goal with GTW was to create meaningful, in depth content, and sometimes that takes time. I thought of a Patreon several months ago, intending to do something with it in maybe three or ten years. But Jack, the producer for my podcast, A Teaspoon of Good, insisted I launch it now. So, I did! I thank everyone who supports me everyday in my ventures to become a better writer, creator, and just a better person in general. So, with this laid back creator’s insistence, please go check out my Patreon!

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