Who We Are


Hi, I am Nat, the original creator of GuideThisWay. I am a college student in her twenties, studying communications with a focus in public relations. I hope to eventually get my Masters in communications and work in the entertainment industry to promote disability awareness. I was born with Congenital Glaucoma, which not only caused my awesome blue gray eye color, but, fifty four surgeries later, caused my eventual blindness. I enjoy reading, nature, socializing, (to an extent, I am introverted,) and most importantly, the smallest things in life that remind me to smile. I am extremely vocal about disability rights, advocating for myself and others where ever possible. I was raised to stand up for myself, my education, morals, and most importantly, my beliefs. Fueled by my mother’s influence, I was always the shy kid in the corner who had an absurd amount of things to say. I observed everything, and I learned. It is with this knowledge that I find myself traveling, advocating in my college, and volunteering wherever I can be of most use.  On an unrelated note, I am also passionate about coffee, needing at least four cups to get through my day, the color blue, and animals. You can often see me lurking around social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and then there’s Dodson.

A Little About Dodson

Dodson is my golden retriever guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. You can visit their site here. He is friendly, loving, and an overexcited, wiggly ball of fluff. He is sweet and sincere in everything he does, throwing himself into whatever adventure or mischief he can get himself into. Dodson not only has brought me my independence, he has also taught me to not fear, (or at least, fear less), new challenges and to push myself to my goals. You will most often find Dodson under my feet, chewing his beloved bones or snuggling his favorite shirt as I write or try to take that last sip of coffee. This goes out to you, Dodson.

Be sure to keep checking back!

Be sure to keep checking back with us as we add bios about our frequent contributors! At GTW, we aim to represent everyone whose voice wants to be heard, and that includes learning about our bloggers and where they come from. Stay tuned!