Holy crap! This is actually happening! Hi everyone! If you haven’t figured it out yet, my name is Nat, (short for Natalia). This site has been a year in the making, with a massive over haul about six weeks ago. At the technical not beginning of 2020, I’m super excited to finally be sharing a piece of my life and my words with the Interwebs.

As a college student and creator, I hope to bring you guys stories, my thoughts, my takes on shows and books, as well as shedding light on my anxiety, how that makes me who I  am, and of course, my dog. (I know you are all here for the dog. Don’t worry, so am I.) I  can promise that there will be laughs, tears, light banter and hard conversations. Open discussion and communication are two key things I want this blog to create. We can’t have change if we can’t talk about it.

What I won’t promise is consistency. In this day and age, creators are expected to post on a regular weekly basis. I will be honest and say I can’t do that. While I love GTW and what it CAN become, I am realistic. I am still just me. I get anxious, I get overwhelmed. It’s just who I am and I do not want to lose myself trying to tell my story in order to be just like the other content creators out there. I’m here to be myself, and that must be enough for my readers because I am learning that it is enough for me. 

So once again, welcome to GuideThisWay and I do hope you decide to subscribe to the blogs and stay up-to-date with what’s in store. Thank you, loves!

CW: This post contains discussion on bullying, anti-LGBTQ+ language, and violence

You know they’re all making fun of you, right?”
That’s what my friend Ashley said to me freshman year as we sat Continue reading “The Importance of Being Honest: Shedding Light on a Blind Student’s High School Experience”

Howdy guys! Thank you so much to the patrons who have decided to join me on this next level of GTW! Although we’re very laid-back and lowkey, I do want to address some important things.

I have reached out to Patreon following an agreement they reached with the American Council of the Blind to speak about the accessibility of their site and mobile app. Unfortunately, a huge part of their website is inaccessible, which means that content is harder to navigate/post. While I’ve gotten very canned replies, “Don’t worry, the site is difficult for everyone, not just you,” etc etc, I strongly encourage you guys to reach out to Patreon to make sure that the voices of disabled patrons and creators are heard. I’ve offered my help, to no avail, but I, as well as other disabled creators, deserve to independently create content as our able-bodied peers. Please keep pressing the issue. Until then, I will try my best to be here and present.