Happy Wednesday! Literally halfway through this #UltimateBlogChallenge with day 15! I am, for what feels like the first-time ever, proud that I have been able to follow through on such a public

commitment. My anxiety hasn’t stopped me from sharing about 20 percent of my thoughts, so that in of itself is amazing.
Today, I am excited to announce…. WE’RE DOING A PODCAST! I wish I was kidding, but unlike the other podcast I had pushed so hard for a couple of years, this one is more lowkey. With a focus on positivity, good news, and a gentle reminder of the good things that happen everyday in me and my co-host’s lives, we’re here to give you a small taste of good. Lovingly titled “A Teaspoon of Good”, this short podcast is meant to just give you a little something to smile about. If you’re anything like me, a person who is always anxious and most definitely always overthinking, having this small thing to really lean into will give us, the hosts, some balance.
Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who my cohost is? Why, it’s my bestie, Meka of course! She has, as some may know, also been doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I am so proud of her! We all struggle to make our deadlines, but she has been one of my main supports during this whole quarantine, and I truly appreciate her. So naturally, if I want to talk about happy news, who else to share it with but with one of my closest friends? She’s funny, sweet, down to Earth, and extremely sassy. We constantly threaten each other, but we know that at the end of the day, we can call each other in the dead of night, be vulnerable, and share all our scandalous life stories. In my heart of hearts, I couldn’t have chosen a better partner in crime or cohost. Thanks for coming along for all this goodness, Meka!
This podcast is meant to be short, sweet, and simple, and when we eventually roll out the first episode, I hope you guys enjoy having a little bright silliness to brighten up your day. If you would like to contribute to the positivity, share with us your feel-goods and happy news, I will, (hopefully), provide you all with a form or some sort of outlet to do so! For all my techie friends, you all know I am hopeless at making heads or tails, but that my creativity is all over the place, so bear with me while I struggle through…. Hopefully. If you have any advice, tips, or overall comments, please let me know via the various methods of getting in touch with me. For now, hold on tight and enjoy the trailer, which you can find here.
As always, thank you all for the love, kindness, and support I’ve gotten through all my social media outlets. I see you all, and while I can’t physically reply to all without my fingers falling off, do know that you are appreciated!

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