Welcome to day 24 of the #UltimateBlogChallenge. I am fully aware that I have not been blogging as religiously as I usually do, but I still feel accomplished with this blog challenge. It has gotten me to write more, which if anything,

is its own accomplishment. Here in California, it has suddenly forgotten that it is spring and sprung straight into summer. I know I wanted to be warm, but 95 degrees was not exactly what I was going for. I have suddenly gone from wearing long sleeves and hoodies to dresses and the air conditioner.
I am, however, very grateful for the sudden bouts of sun we have gotten. Over the last few weeks, my part of California has been soaked with tons of rain and while I enjoy it immensely, coupled with the stay at home order, rain just seems more… imprisoning. So, while I am now hiding in the darkness at the hottest parts of the day, I must really say that I am so grateful for this time in quarantine. I know some of you are probably extremely incredulous, and trust me, so am I.
The thing is, at the beginning, I was depressed and extremely stressed from being cooped up. I still get that way, sometimes. But what quarantine has done has also been a breath of fresh air. My school related stress has gone down significantly, which has led to me sleeping better. Yoga, Pilates, and lots of reading. I enjoy the simple things in life and being able to live day to day sometimes is important to me.
I have been able to spend more time with Meka and Brandon through virtual hangouts, watching movies, playing card games, and getting some much-needed friendship family time. It is gotten so real you guys, that Meka and I have even released the first episode of our podcast! (I will write a second post on the Facebook, which you can findhere. I am so glad that this time at home has given me the opportunity to regroup, find peace in my quiet, and find joy in things around me. It is not easy going every day, but sometimes we must focus on the good things happening around you amidst all the bad.
I have made strides in the kitchen, which, had I been going to school every day, I would not have the mental energy to do. I finally purchased an Instant Pot, which if you have not, I recommend you do. I have been okay at using stoves, but I also DID set myself on fire when I was about five or six, so not being near open flames while trying to stir my scrambled eggs is kind of important to me. I have ordered baking pans and other accessories that will fit in the Instant Pot, which, if it turns out to be a success, will lead to me cooking and baking my life away. This also means I will probably not eat most of it, so I will leave pans out for people to take.
One thing I have touched on briefly but never really expanded on is that I have been joining Meka and her good friend Cindy on calls sponsored by the American Council of the Blind via Zoom. I am not by any means a morning person, but I find myself waking up extra early to join Cindy’s morning calls because they bring me so much joy and cheer. Let us also not forget to mention that I love Cindy and Meka immensely and love joining in on all the fun and mischief, even if it is with coffee in hand.
All in all, while I have immensely hated this quarantine and what it has done to the people around me, I am grateful for what it has given me. It is given me a chance to not only be myself, but to relax, take things one day at a time, and not to worry that there are not enough hours in the day. quarantine, you suck, but also… thank you. How are you guys handling quarantine? What positives have you seen since this has all begun?

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