CW: This post might contain spoilers for the movies Speed, Booksmart, Unfriended: Dark Web, Soul Food, and Whiplash.
It’s raining and I am still stuck in bed. Welcome to my makeup blog post for day… 6? 7? All the days are blending together, I tell you! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and entertained during this weird time.
For those who have asked, Dodson is doing a lot better! He took a trip to the vet and they ran some tests, which came back negative! Unfortunately, they did find some ulcers in his mouth that may be stress related and in part from excessive chewing, so that’s the downside. Some meds and a consideration for a food change later and my boy is still his ever-present energetic pup. He’s recently acquired a new Kong Rambler toy and a Planet Orbee treat dispenser, so those things, along with his Buster Cube, are keeping him entertained. We’ve moved to playing fetch indoors, (sorry Mom), and he’s really gotten better with his recall and dropping the ball in my hands. I’m so proud that he continues to learn new things while we stay inside like the true hermits we’re meant to be.
As for me… eh, I’m alright. The antibiotics that were used to treat the earlier infection I had didn’t do their work, so I was prescribed a more aggressive antibiotic in the hopes that it’ll clear it up. The bad news is that is potentially not a bacterial infection as previously thought to be, but rather a viral infection. The good part? All these meds have me catching up on my sleep, which I suppose is great, right? Besides sleep, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a bunch of movies, even getting my friendMeka and Brandon in on the action. Let me just tell you… friends shouldn’t let friends watch crappy movies alone.
In the past couple days, I’ve convinced them to watch:
• Whiplash (Brandon’s suggestion)
• *Unfriended II (unfortunately my selection)
• * Booksmart (mine!)
• *Soul food (Meka’s choice)
• * Speed (Meka’s choice)
• * Monster’s University (Brandon and my joint picks)

o Not all these movies were winners. In fact, we often tease Brandon about not letting him ever pick which movie to watch, because he undoubtedly chooses movies that have ambiguous endings, include characters dying in slow, sad ways, or just leave us with a sense of being misled. Don’t get me wrong, he has fantastic picks sometimes, but the probability of me being sad at the end of one of his picks is almost 9 to 1. Whiplash’s ending was so… unsatisfying and literally ended on a down note that I was positively enraged with the fact that I sat through a 3-minute drum solo just for it to end the way it did. Let’s not forget that the car that was totaled probably didn’t have car insurance… these things stress me out, okay?
Meka’s choices were simultaneously fun, stressful, and full of moments where we had to pause so all the viewers could turn on her for her picks. Speed, while funny at times and full of action, let one of its characters die, not including the old lady that unfortunately “just had to go”. The high intensity of the movie had me fully invested and doubly anxious. Let’s not forget that for some reason, this movie loved to point out that Los Angeles just had unfinished freeways and subways all over the damn place. In turn, Soul Food was a heartfelt movie about togetherness, the importance of tradition and family, and oh yeah, did I mention that one of the REASONS for this fictional family’s strife is because THE MATRIARCH DIES? Not just that, but the narrator, who I might add is a little boy, is the last to see his beloved grandma before she suddenly dies AFTER WAKING UP FROM A FIVE WEEK COMA. What, the, actual, f**k, Meka? What, the actual.
I convinced Brandon to watch Unfriended: Dark Web with me, and let’s face it, that movie was awful. It was supposed to be horror and thriller, but sometimes films deserve a category specifically dedicated to really crappy plot, action, and conclusions. We were, to put it mildly, disappointed about how this came to a head and let’s just say, I’ll take Unfriended versus its sequel any day. In sharp contrast, Booksmart featured NO ONE DYING and a plot where two Yale and Columbia bound high school senior girls try to have a wild night before graduation to prove that they can party. Needless to say, everything bad that could have happened, did happen. It was sentimental, funny, cringy, and all around really made me smile. There’s no point mentioning Monster’s University, because if you’re a kid at heart, you’d know the smile this Pixar movie gave all of us.
o At the end of the day, I really love watching movies that are cringy, fun, slightly romantic, and paranormal and horror. (Not all at once, don’t get the wrong idea!) I’ve not found anyone who is willing to sit through horror/thrillers, so I find them less enjoyable then watching with a fellow nerd. I need to convince the one person I do know who likes horror to watch movies with me sometime. But these two have made being sick as enjoyable as it could be. I’ve planned to have Meka watch all the Twilight movies and take a shot for every cringetastic moment that is guaranteed to make us all recoil. I hope everyone is well and that you find the one good thing during this chaos. I’ll work on feeling better, whereas you all work on staying awesome.

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